Why is NOW the best time to buy a security franchise in SA?

Until now people have been protecting their families and assets with ‘blind alarms’ or CCTV. Both of which offer zero detection in the event of a total power outage. Our primary product is the VIDEOFIED  Eskom-free intruder alarm system complete with VIDEO VERIFICATION and backup support that may be purchased outright on rented.

In addition, our fight-back system allows us to SHOUT directly at the intruders, contain their movements by remotely opening and closing doors or, if necessary, blast them with sirens, lights, fog or PEPPER GAS. This is available to all customers that have risk concerns. Applications of this system are limited by the franchisees imagination, and already include, all COMMERCIAL, RETAIL and INDUSTRIAL sites, lock-ups, cigarette and liquor stores, petrol stations, cash offices, copper installations and HOMES.